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Club Championships 2023

It's rapidly approaching that time of year when the club will soon be holding its club championship events. Dates have now been scheduled in Archer's Diary and reminders will also go out before each event.

The Events:

Indoor Target: Running between 22/8 and 26/8. (Tuesday to Friday night 18:30 for 19:00 start, Saturday 9:00 for 9:30 start)

These will be Gosnells members-only shoots, no visitors from other clubs (unless they are also a Gosnells member). As places for indoor are limited, any archer without a championship score will take priority over a member wishing to practice. If you are able to attend at least one night, please do so to leave Saturday free for those who can only shoot during the day. Please note, your first score is your championship score.

The round is a Double Australian Indoor 18m, and all archers may choose between either a single spot or three spot 40cm target.

Outdoor Target: 16/9/23 - Canberra Rounds

This year we have made a change to the outdoor target event to make it more accessible to new members. You may now choose to shoot any Canberra round (Canberra/Short Canberra/Junior Canberra). Archers will be ranked by %GMB, which means that the longer distances are potentially more favourable to your championship chances. For example, for Open Male Recurve, a Canberra score of 673 is equivalent to a Junior Canberra score of 793.

We have several weeks of 90 arrow shoots booked in prior to the championship for practice.

Field: 7/10/23

Standard Field shoot, you must shoot the peg that corresponds to your category.

We have a club shoot field booked 30/9 for you to get sight settings and The Bowmen of Melville are holding the Western Dragon in York the long weekend of 23-25/9 for those who are really keen.

Other Changes:

Three Events:

This year as there is no clout, there is no drop-event for the bow type champions (normally we take the best 3 out of 4). If you want to win a bow-type or overall champion trophy you need to shoot all of the events. You can win individual events even if you only complete one or two.


In response to member feedback, eligibility to enter the events has been changed. To be eligible to place you must have completed the following by the date of the event:

Indoor: Participated in 8 club events this year with the club (indoor or outdoor).

Outdoor & Field: Participated in 8 Saturday events this year with the club.

In the interest of making the events accessible to brand new members who have just completed a beginner's course will have participation at the course counted towards their 8 shoots.

Bow Types:

Also in response to member feedback, you must only enter each event with a single category of bow - no double entries for indoor this year.

Barebow Category:

We will award trophies for a combined barebow compound and barebow recurve group this year rather than lump those archers in with their sighted categories. If there is enough interest, we may split this further in future.


A reminder that there is lots of categories for the club championship, some of which have only a handful of entrants. I encourage everyone to shoot it, there's a really good chance you'll win something!

Good luck everyone!

Kind regards,


Club President

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