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Strategic Plan Update

Hi everyone,

Gosnells Archers recently updated our Strategic Plan, which is [available at this link] so that you can read about the plan for the club over the next few years. We've also outlined below how the Strategic Plan changed and ways you can help the Club deliver the Strategic Plan.

We updated our Plan as part of the work we're doing with the City of Gosnells on the Gosnells Archers Club Relocation Project - our move to new premises. The City has offered to come and provide an update to the Club membership when details are more concrete. For now we understand that, beyond the clubhouse and normal amenities, the grounds will have facilities for the Club to shoot Indoor, Target, Clout, and Field disciplines, host interclub events, and (eventually) AWA and AA registered Tournaments. This will be the premier centre for archery south of the river.

Our Mission is still for our members to achieve their highest potential, and our Vision is still about being an inclusive, safe, and fun club. With the Club's move to our new grounds fast approaching, our updated Strategic Plan will help us prepare for this transition with three Strategic Directions: Facilities, Community, and Engagement.

  • Facilities is about working with the City of Gosnells during the move and the Club continuing to be responsible caretakers of our equipment and grounds on behalf of our members.

  • Community is about growing the club's membership and encouraging community involvement in Gosnells and surrounding suburbs, but we desperately need more coaches and volunteers.

  • Engagement is about launching more activities in the club calendar besides what's in Archer's Diary - social club events, workshops and tutorials - as well as fostering a "participation and contribution" culture so that the workload is more evenly shared.

The next few years will be thrilling ones for the Club, and we're very excited about the future that awaits us at our new grounds, but we all need to work together in the move and so that we grow into all the potential that is offered by our new premises.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that has ever been curious or wanted to get involved but not been sure where to start or if they were experienced enough to help (you are!) So - have a question? Keen to learn more? Want to know if can you help?

  • If you can help with COACHING (you do not have to be very experienced or have done a course!) please speak to John Peberdy.

  • Anything related to EQUIPMENT or GROUNDS please reach out to Pete Kessell.

  • If you're interested in helping with the SOCIAL CLUB or CLUBROOM please speak to Deborah McDonald.

  • If you're curious about the RELOCATION or FUNDRAISING or want to join the sub-committee please speak to Sophie French.

  • If you want to help with SOCIAL MEDIA please speak to Mike Lowther.

  • If you are curious about the strategic and planning work THE COMMITTEE does reach out to James French.

  • If you think you have a good idea that doesn't fit anywhere else that you want to share with the Committee we are all ears - please send it to Alan Thompson.

(note: for privacy reasons I've removed personal email addresses from the section above in this version of the mailout but if you comment in this post I can put you in touch with the committee member)

Thanks everyone, we appreciate your help

The Committee

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1 Comment

May 13, 2023

Great work!

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