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The Gosnells Archers

We are one of the oldest active archery clubs in the Perth Metropolitan area. We have members from all over the south-eastern suburbs of Perth, and we always welcome visitors from other clubs.

We are thrilled to have a very competitive Junior membership at our Club, many competing Nationally. 

Archery is a very inclusive sport that can be practised by almost anyone, and Gosnells Archers is committed to being an actively accessible club; ensuring a welcoming, safe, and diverse space where all members of our local community can learn and practice their archery.

Gosnells Archers is a club for people of all ages, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds, or socio-economic status.

Have a question?

You can email us at or complete the Contact Us form and our Club Secretary will be in touch.

For all enquiries about learning to shoot:

Please use the form on the Beginners Course page.

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What's so good about archery?

You might think of archery as a stationary sport, but you do a fair amount of walking to collect your arrows and it all adds up!  As well as getting you moving, archery strengthens core muscles like your chest, arms, and large upper back muscles. 


As archers gain experience their stamina and cardiovascular fitness improves - drawing the bow requires upper body strength, and maintaining correct form for the duration of a 72- or 90- arrow shoot takes a lot of physical (and mental) energy.  Archery can also improve concentration, focus, and is sometimes very meditative.  Studies have even shown that archery improves mood, eases anxiety and depression. 


We think archery is fantastic and we're always keen to introduce new people to the sport.

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